Cluett Insurance Aquires CSS Insurance Agencies Ltd

Cluett Insurance is pleased to announce that Effective Nov 1, 2017 we have acquired CSS Insurance Brokerage!

CSS has been in business for 55 years and Wade Slauenwhite has been with the company for 30 of those years. CSS has been in Wade’s family for many years and he first learned about the insurance world while working under his father’s example at CSS. That is the same family feeling we have at Cluett Insurance where Roy has been in this business for over 40 years and now his sons Lee and Ron are a part of our team so we know they will fit in with us really well.

We look forward to welcoming Wade as well as Ashley and Germaine to join us in the next few months in the Halifax branch of Cluett Insurance on 3660 Commission St.

If you are a current CSS client you now have the benefit of all of the resources and companies Cluett has to offer as well as the options you have had in the past, with the same excellent level of service you have always come to expect from Wade and his team.

CSS Insurance is an Independent Broker just like Cluett which means YOU our client, always comes first. We negotiate with many different insurance companies on your behalf to make sure you always have the best insurance products at the best prices.