Cyber Safety Seminar at Cluett Insurance

Do You Know About Cyber Safety?!
In today’s world, most of us, in our personal life or in a business setting, rely on the internet. We rely on it to do everything from communication to saving data in the “cloud” to purchases. With this need to do everything “cyber related”, it puts our personal and business info at a great risk of getting compromised.  Cluett sees the realities of this as a more increasing threat. We work on selling insurance products to helping our clients in the event of a privacy breach. We also educate our own staff about cyber safety for the work place and even in their own home.
Last Wednesday, November 30th, we brought in Digital NGenuity. They are a local expert business networking specialist. They held a seminar to explain today’s latest security threats and how to protect against from being a victim to cyber theft or a breach. This type of breach costs thousands in event of possible ransom attacks. It also costs a lot to avoid our personal information getting used by someone. Our staff found this course and their findings. Most were not even aware that their own personal internet are also exposed to cyber threats. This could be because they currently did not have proper wireless security settings. I am happy to say that at the end of this seminar, we feel confident that everyone got to learn something new. The people that were computer savvy were even able learn something new, as the threats always change.
Is Your Information Safe?
If you would like to learn about Cyber Insurance Protection, please contact our commercial specialists at 902-466-5328 or email
If you would like to be proactive and help educate your staff about cyber issues, contact Digital NGenuity at 902-462-3249.
cyber safety seminar at Cluett